Meet some Gehrons

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William J Gehron

Bill Gehron wrote his memoir, A Ramble, which chronicles the lives of three generations of Gehrons. Bill's memoir depicts of his life that can only be described by someone of the Greatest Generation.

Patricia (Coleman) Gehron

In her 80s, Pat took 40 minutes to look back on her life.

Bill Gehron

Anne (Gehron) Holloway

Anne just published two novels: View from a Train and Fear of Heights. Anne also writes a blog with her daughter Sarah about good food that nourishes the soul. Like bread and butter only it's Bread and Mother. The staples of life.

Mike Gehron

Michael's novel Kimendo Road has now been released as an audiobook. His site features his memoir, Fall Line. Set against the backdrop his struggles to write fiction, the book focuses on his experiences abroad. Mike's website also offers all four his completed novel manuscripts.

Nancy (Wirth) Gehron

Nancy continues to be very involved in supporting Peace Corps Volunteers around the globe. Her website highlights Volunteers in action. Volunteers in Tonga work with their communities on education projects. During their service in Tonga, Volunteers learn to speak Tongan.

Katie (Gehron) Wintersteen

Luke Gehron

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